Patricia holds a Master’s of Physical Therapy from Queen’s University, and a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology from the University of Victoria.

Prior to joining the health care team at Fix, Patricia worked as bilingual military physiotherapist in the Canadian Forces. Patricia works one-on-one with each of her patients, combining a “hands-on” approach using a variety of techniques including myofascial release, manual therapy, and exercise.

She is currently pursing her Advanced Diploma of Manual and Manipulative therapy, and has taken post-graduate courses in manual therapy, taping, myofascial release, and injury prevention in endurance athletes.

Patricia has experience working with clients of all ages and fitness abilities, but has a particular interest in treating running related injuries, whether it be high-performance athletes, week-end warriors, or recreational runners. She recently returned from working as a physiotherapist at the World Youth Track and Field Championships in Ukraine.

Patricia has a special interest in travel and outdoor sports, and has had experience working in the rehabilitation field in France, Ghana, and Australia. Patricia competed as a varsity track and cross-country runner, and also worked as the Assistant coach for the varsity running program at Queen’s University following her Master’s degree. She continues to train as a runner, but has found a new passion for cycling and has recently started to get her feet wet in the triathlon world.

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Lauren holds a Master’s of Physical Therapy from UBC and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and Sociology (Quantitative Research emphasis) from the University of Victoria. She returned to Victoria in November 2015 and joined the Fix Healthcare team at this time.

Lauren’s background in mental health research allowed her to develop a keen appreciation for using research to guide clinical practice, which she has transferred as a skill into her own practice as a Physiotherapist.

Lauren has experience working with a variety of patients in both hospital and private clinic settings, but finds her passion in assessment and treatment of orthopedics. She takes the approach of listening to her patients’ needs and goals, and creates a treatment plan with an emphasis on education and therapeutic exercises in order to enable the patient to participate in their own active rehabilitation, while using clinic time for hands-on treatment involving manual and manipulative therapy.

When not at the clinic Lauren spends her time experimenting with new cooking projects or playing outside. She has played softball for most of her life, and also enjoys surfing, snowshoeing, and hiking.

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Jennifer Bulawka joined the team at Fix Healthcare in April 2014 after moving to Victoria from mainland BC. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with her Bachelors of Medical Rehabilitation in Physiotherapy and has since been working in private practice.
With a passion for sports medicine, Jennifer has volunteered her physiotherapy skills over the past seven years at numerous sporting events in both Manitoba and British Columbia. She sat on the Sport Physiotherapy Canada, Manitoba Division for two years. She has also completed internships in pediatric orthopaedics and with the Canadian military on the 17 Wing Air Force Base in Winnipeg. She particularly enjoys working with young athletes in the performance arts such as dance, gymnastics, and figure skating.

Jennifer’s primary approach to treatment is with hands-on, manual/manipulative therapy and specific exercise treatment after a thorough assessment and diagnosis. She attributes her manual therapy skills and her collaborative approach to the fabulous mentorship of Dan Bos, PT, FCAMPT and Dr. Jonathon Berghamer.

Currently working towards the completion of her diploma in Advanced Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy through the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Jennifer will also be completing the functional dry needling course this year. She is very interested in a holistic approach to therapy and has completed the Visceral Manipulation (VM1) course through the Barral Institute.

When not at the clinic Jennifer can be found wandering around the globe, often on the Amalfi Coast of Italy or on a deserted island in Croatia.

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A few trips to Vancouver Island quickly sold Sean on the lifestyle it had to offer; so after finishing her master’s degree in physiotherapy at McMaster University she packed up and moved.

She is originally from Manitoba. Before moving to Hamilton for her master’s, she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology at the University of Manitoba.

Sean has worked with a variety of patients including people who have experienced sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, work­place injuries and chronic pain. Sean uses a combination of exercise prescription and hands­on therapy.

As a former competitive Highland dancer, Sean learned first­hand how difficult it could be to deal with dance­related injuries while still trying to pursue her passion and perform at the highest level she could. That experience has really taught her the importance of bringing multi­pronged approaches to treatments with patients. She wants to help get rid of immediate pain and work towards solutions that keep the problem from coming back.

In her spare time, she can be found running, doing yoga, cooking, travelling and exploring the many hiking trails Vancouver Island has to offer.

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